Sikkim Manipal University Distance Education MBA

Sikkim Manipal University Distance Education MBA

Introduction to Sikkim Manipal University Distance Education

Sikkim Manipal University offers education to be propagated in the best way possible. They provide a lot of convenience when it comes post graduation degrees and make it flexible for working professionals to pursue with their education after office. They provide scholarships and are equipped with the best of the technical advancements so that they students are able to achieve the most from them.

Also the payment scheme is extremely flexible too so that the students do not have problems paying for their course and they also have an examination pattern that is easy and fitted to suit the schedule of the student. Also the support that is provided to the students is farfetched. Let us have a detailed look into the education system.

Important Notice:

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About the Distance Education MBA Course Offered by SMU-DE

Sikkim Manipal University has been conferred with the award for the ‘Best University in Distance Learning’ from ASSOCHAM, India for its proficiency in providing the best education to students. Sikkim Manipal University provides a distance education MBA degree course and the tenure ranges from 2 years minimum to 4 years maximum. They provide the most up to date education with a strong academic delivery mechanism which is strengthened with technology enabled learning solution that is updated time to time.


The specializations are taken up by the students when they are in the second year of the course.

Sikkim manipal university offers the following specialization with their distance learning MBA programme.

  • Marketing Management
  • Information Systems Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Finance Management

Each specialization provide an innate knowledge of the aforesaid field and this program prepares the student to face all the complexities attached to the subject so that they do not have any difficulties later on. The faculty provides unbelievable interpretation and sends it for the working students so that they are able to understand everything with clarity.

Eligibility Criteria

A student who wants to enter this course has to be a graduate in any discipline from any recognized University. There is an entrance test that is organized to measure the Aptitude of the candidate and the student has to qualify at that test to get admission into this course.

But if the candidate has a score of more than 40 percent from other aptitude tests like MAT or CAT, then they do not have to sit for the University aptitude test and can directly get enrolled into the course.

The basic syllabus of the aptitude test by the Sikkim Manipal University for this entrance exam is about English, General Knowledge, Quantitative Aptitude and Logical Reasoning and the candidate has to score at least 40 percent h.ere as well to get into the course. The course is divided into 4 semesters each carrying 4 credit points.

Fee Structure​

The fee for Sikkim Manipal University MBA distance education is INR 20,000 per semester. That is inclusive of Exam Fee of INR 5,000. Students can also pay one time annual fee.

Admission Procedure​

Students seeking admission into Sikkim Manipal University 2-year distance education MBA programme can log on to their official website to download the prospectus.

Students are required to submit the online application form and the hard copies of the same has to be sent to the university along with the compulsory documents.​

Students are also required to pass the entrance examination conducted by the university for admission in the distance education MBA course. ​

What is Good About SMU-DE MBA Programme?

The entire course is made apt enough to match the working experience of the students and they are trained and educated with the proficiency to take up bigger roles in the future. They provide a huge knowledge of the management arena, and uplift the ability to analyze issues. A massive knowledge of core management skills is taught so that the student does not face any problem even when working in an international environment. Also the study material is updated at every interval so that the students do not remain backwards and are at par with the full time learners.

The entire syllabus for the course has been decided upon by the faculty after extensive discussion with market experts so as to cover the important portions of the market. This university provides an app as well with various interesting videos and study materials to encourage self learning anytime and anywhere. A lot of budding working professionals are extremely keen to join this course and expand their degrees by enrolling to this course. They provide a huge scholarship to all the deserving candidates and encourage the upliftment of good education by supporting in these various ways.

A professional who has completed their Master degree while at work and that too from a reputed organization has the chances to get jobs at the best places and has a lucrative career awaiting for them. The young students who complete this course start of at higher positions right from the very beginning and hence they gather experience to be placed into better companies.


EduNxt is a system where a virtual classroom is created and students are able to learn from the best faculty all over the world and also from each other. This is a brand new technology that got just introduced in 2009 and this University has taken it up to offer online learning for all the candidates who have opted for a distance course. By this system, the students can learn better, ask more questions and also interact and learn better by connecting wider. It has helped in creating a sense of togetherness and the SMU community aspires to know more and to achieve more.


The placements that are provided after the completion of the degree from this University are top notched and some of the companies that recruit students from here are Vodafone, Amazon, ING Vysya, Airtel, Aegis, Accenture, IBM, Tech Mahindra etc. About 670 placements drives have been conducted out of which 8500 and more offers have been made. 400 and more corporate have participated and around 40,000 candidates have come for walk in interviews.

They have an active alumnus which is very well placed after they completed the Distance course for MBA and they have proclaimed their gratitude and indebtedness towards this place after passing out with flying colors.

Thus SMU encourages the sound studying of individuals at all levels and when it comes to working professionals they invest in a lot of sweat and gut to prepare the best of the materials for them so that they are able to achieve everything for themselves while working. They want their students to aspire for more and reach for the stars and are ready to provide the best from the rest.